Joetsie is a civil engineering company that caters to all your needs - from transport and civil engineering projects to producing a variety of concrete products.

We are entrusted to provide our clients with the best services and products. At Joetsie we encourage our staff to offer their skills to the best of their capabilities.

We provide our services with respect and maintain a high standard of work. Teamwork is part of our daily routine which contributes to the creative exchange of ideas, progress and trust we have in each other.

At Joetsie it is important that our project managers take the lead and give the necessary support to drive our capable employees in their projects. We create a culture where employees are encouraged to take responsibility, sharpen their skills, take initiative, be creative and stay motivated. This is how we provide the insurance of the best possible service and top of the line quality products to our clients.

Products and Services

Reassurance of integrity and quality of services

Our goal is to provide top class service and producing high quality products at an affordable price. Together with our business division and our trading company, we can obtain this goal. Our target at Joetsie is to grow and strengthen as a leader in each of our divisions.

Affordable prices

Competitive quotes calculated according to your location

Quality products

Quality products and services sprouting from years of experience, guaranteed

Deadline committed

Committed to complete your project in record time


Continuous communication and skilled staff to answer all your questions

The Joetsie Group is a valuable and driven family business, situated in the heart of the Namakwa West Coast and its surrounding areas.