Concrete Supply

It is time for you to take control of your concrete production

We invested in a Reimer Volumetric concrete mixer. With a Reimer Mixer all the components needed to produce concrete are segregated on the truck and are mixed together on site. Allowing for :

  • Cost Effective
  • High Quality
  • Fresh Concrete
  • Consistent on every pour

The Reimer has been designed with complete flexibility and ease of operating in mind, allowing the whole process of concrete production and delivery to be easily handed by one operator.

  1. Sand, stone and cement are loaded into specially manufactured bins.
  2. The polyethylene tank is filled with water for mixing and clean-up.
  3. The mixer is driven to the pour site.
  4. Adjust the dual aggregate flow gates to ensure correct amount of aggregate to mix.
  5. Proprietary cross-member delivery chain with bolt-on rubber conveyor belt delivers aggregate to high-speed auger.
  6. Cement is dispensed and enters the mixing auger along with the aggregates.
  7. Water is introduced to provide the required slump.
  8. The auger is manufactured with hardened wear-plates and completes the mixing.
The full function wireless remote control gives the operator the freedom to stand in a convenient position to make adjustments to the conveyor belt, auger, mix design and discharge rate with ease.

With a Reimer there is never any waste of concrete. You only mix what you need, when you need it. The concrete is always fresh. This gives the Reimer a significant advantage when pouring at remote locations. There is never a problem with ordering too much or too little material. A computer meter measurement ensures that each delivery is accurately billed.

When low volumes and small loads are needed, deliveries can be made to several small projects, each with different mix requirements on the same day without wasting time recharging.

Reimer mixes are ideally suited for producing concrete for several different uses, including:

  • High quality, high specification for commercial and industrial projects.
  • Concrete Pilings
  • Quick-set mixes
  • Shot-Crete and dry mixes
  • Low to no slump applications
  • High slump slurry mixes
  • Self-levelling floor toppings
Companies in the pre-cast industry can benefit from the use of Reimer mixes because a consistent mix can be produced in the exact quantities needed for each pour. This enables cost to be pulled in a highly competitive market. The Reimer provides an ideal solution for combining indigenous organic materials and waste materials such as heavy ash with lesser quantities of cementitious materials to deliver quality and consistent product for :

  • Low strength trench fill
  • Backfill
  • Soil stabilisation application
Waste materials such as demolish concrete and latex paint can be recycled in a environmentally responsible way. Many materials such as demolish concrete and latex paint can be recycled in an environmentally responsible way. Many owners have businesses that rely on concrete providers for delivery, but due to the remoteness of the pour, getting concrete delivered in the traditional way to the site, is not cost effective. For them owning a Reimer mixer allows them to dispense high quality concrete as needed. With no fear of a hot load there is always time for replacement. This helps them control their costs and provide other revenue courses for their business.

Reimer mixers stand out in special projects that require continues pours and as long as the material bins are charged, the mixer can continuously mix and deliver fresh concrete.

Capacity to produce up to 9.75 m3 of concrete in a single load with variable production rate up to 60 m3 per hour.

Reimer leads the way in hydraulics and mobile technology.